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Redefining the best experience of elegance in the village through transforming the mindset of what villages can offer. Our outstanding service will reflect the morals and values of a heart of service and humbleness which are embedded in the village culture and the culture of the Vhavenda tribe.


Our Story.

House of Sollys is named after an uncle of the family, who loved beautiful things and played a big role in bringing the family together, planting seeds of love and care for one another.

It is in his memory, that House of Sollys was established, built from a family home and imparted with the spirit of care, love and warmth that the uncle in the family represented. At House of Sollys, we give you a luxurious experience in the beautiful landscape of neighbouring homes.

House of Sollys Guesthouse is located in Lwamondo Tshifulanani, Mathule Village, in the Vhembe District of Limpopo Province.  Our eight en-suite rooms offer you comfort, relaxation and a space to unwind. Our beauty boutique spa is a one-stop relaxation hideaway. Relax the senses and let the harmony and tranquillity of this majestic beauty boutique gently restore your body and mind. Choose from a wide array of massages, skincare and beauty treatments, conducted by highly trained therapists using top-quality international and local product ranges. Our dining lounge gives nothing, but delicious cuisine freshly prepared by our in-house chef. Come and experience first-class hospitality in the beautiful garden of Eden, Limpopo.  

Renowned for its geological, archaeological, natural and cultural systems, Limpopo province is a popular attraction for an exhilarating adventure, diverse bird-watching and game viewing, and the famous Baobab trees which punctuate the landscape. 

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